This post is a bit different to the ones I have done before, this post is about cooking! I love baking and cooking in my spare time, it is fun and not too time consuming either. Over the past couple of days I have made 3 different items, all from the same website and all delicious, so i thought I would share with you the website and some pros and cons of the recipes I used.

My three recipes came from Bake.Play.Smile. This website so far hasn’t disappointed. There are a variety of recipes to choose from, both sweet and savoury and of all different kinds in those sub-topics.

The first recipe I made was a Peppermint Slice, and it tasted delicious! In the recipe it says to use a 20x28cm tray, but I used a slightly bigger tray because it was all I had. I liked the size tray I used as the base wasn’t too thick which is how I like my slices. The recipe as a whole was easy to follow and I didn’t alter any of the ingredients this time. Next time i do make the slice though, I am going to double the mixture for the middle and the chocolate top, as I thought it was too thin, but that comes down to me using the bigger tray, so I don’t believe you will need to if you use the right size. Apart from that, the taste of the slice and the time it took to make were really good and it is something you can quickly make if you want something to eat for afternoon lunch.

The next item I made was a savoury, and I choose the Beef Sausage Rolls. I have always loved mums homemade sausage rolls! They are always the requested item when dinner hasn’t been decided. This recipe is pretty similar to my mums, so it was easy for me to follow and use. I didn’t change much with this recipe either, apart from adding breadcrumbs into the mixture. I added a cup and a bit to help just pick up the moisture that was present. The whole procedure of cooking these went smoothly and the recipe was really easy to follow.  I think next time I make them, as a personal note will leave them in longer and not place them on baking paper. I believe that this kept moisture in and made the bottoms not as hard as they could’ve been, which is how i like my sausage rolls to be. They are tasty and go very well with some tomato sauce 😉

And finally the most recent recipe I used was the Double Chocolate Brownie Cookie! These looked scrumptious and they didn’t disappoint at all! I followed the recipe for all of the steps, and next time i make them, I will melt the butter and chocolate in a pan on the stove rather than the microwave, just to give it a smoother and more consistent texture. Other than that they turned out pretty chewy and soft which is what I was hoping and expecting they’d do. They are a bit sweet for my liking with the dark chocolate, so I was debating on whether to use a bit of milk chocolate next time, less dark chocolate melts or a combination of both. But when it comes to that i’ll do another review to see how it goes.


Overall, this website definitely has earned me as a repeat visitor. they are clear and concise about the method to use and it is easy to follow, even if you’re just a beginner. My next cooking venture is going to be a slice of some sort, and I will try to complete that this coming week to review it.


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