This Guy

It’s crazy how people can make you feel a certain way. I’ve had my fair share of almost relationships. and being in the ‘talking’ stage with guys, but it’s never progressed any further. All of these past ‘’flings’ have make me question myself and made me change how i am around guys at the start. It’s hard to hear from people you start getting feelings for that ‘the timing isn’t right’, or ‘i just don’t think we would work out’. I’m not the only one that has gone through this, but it still kills a little inside when you think you’ve got something good and it then goes away.

Just recently I’ve started to talking to someone new, and it’s going so well and smooth. It’s started different from others, and that gives me hope that it might last longer also. We talk everyday when we are both not busy, but conversation is never forced and never has been, as well as it flowing smoothly between both of us. To not have to instigate conversation, or push him to talk is a great sign.

Another thing that has set this guy apart from the others is that we didn’t go out on a proper date until about a month after starting to talk. We got to know each other first, and i believe that was something that really strengthened the start of out friendship. Becoming friends first and finding those mutual connections helps everything that comes after.

Another difference is that most weekends so far, we catch up. We both love each others company, so to be able to see each other every weekend is a great thing, and gives us both something to look forward to outside of work and uni. Past ‘flings’ we hadn’t gone out a lot, and it’s been a hit and miss when we can catch up and who organises it. (I know its small stuff, but it all matters in my mind haha.). We both suggest things we can do, and take turns picking places to go and what to do which is a nice change.

This guy is so attentive to our conversations, which is really endearing. I talk a lot when i’m with someone i like, so for him to remember stuff I’ve said and to converse about it really makes me feel good inside. He’s never distracted by other going ons when were together, and our focus in ways on us and what we are doing. He is humorous without even trying, and acts in a manner which is kind and humbling. This guy is a rare one.

People male you feel a certain way, and this guy makes me feel good about myself without trying. His nature makes me feel at ease and the way he acts and conducts himself has a calming effect on those around. I don’t have to try and be any one ‘version’ of myself as I have always been my ‘true’ self from the start and that is who he has accepted.

When you find a good one, make sure to not let them go. A lot of people these days who are around my age don’t want anything serious or semi-committed for a while. So people like this guy don’t come around often, so I feel blessed. He has also come into my life and slotted in. I’m not fighting time to talk to him, or go out of my way to make time for him. He fits into my life like he has been there from the start, and that it what makes this different.

‘Follow your dreams and as a side note when your not even thinking about it, or noticing it, they’ll just be there’- Emma Watson


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