Jolly Miller Cafe

I came back to my old workplace for breakfast today. I was a bit nervous as I wasn’t sure how they would accept me since I resigned via e-mail without telling anyone.

And my worries were not needed at all. Everyone was so happy to see me again  and they were all really interested in what I was doing with my life and how I had been since the last time they saw me. It was such a warm reception and makes me realise even more why I loved working here and will continue to love coming here. Whether to eat or just stop by for take-away or even a yarn. The people make the place all that much better.

If you’re ever in Melbourne, do yourself a favour and make a trip to one of the various Jolly Miller Cafes in the surrounding suburbs. The food is delicious, the coffee/hot chocolate is amazing and the people are absolutely lovely.  My favourite store, the one I use to work at is about 30minutes from the Melbourne CBD via train. Its a trip you won’t regret. Whether for breakfast or lunch, the menu is all day and you’ll want to order everything  on it! From the Chicken and Wagyu burgers to the Atlantic, Ricotta Hotcake to Sliders. It’s all here.

This Morning I had the Ricotta Hotcake and a Hot Chocolate, and when i left, I also got a Lemon Curd tart and a Fruit and Muesli cookie, all of which is amazing quality and taste delicious.

I’ve put some links down the bottom so you’ll be able to have a look at the menu and locations. One thing you’ll notice about this place though, is that every location has a varied menu. This is to cater to the chefs particular likes and what they want to cook, and the demographics of the area and what people in that area would eat.

The Jolly Miler Cafe Website
The Jolly Miller Cafe Menu (Williams Landing)


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