I know people would look at me like I’m a bit of a freak. Sitting by myself, while everyone else is apart of a group. But that’s okay. I’m content with who I am, and being by myself.

Although it is nice being with others, to view them from a distance is also really great, and you get to see how others work with each other and why they gravitate towards them. Is it their personalities, there mutual interest or is it that they met one day and now they bond over that? Whatever it is, common ground is always great, but to find it can usually take some time.

Most of my friends from last year, I made because I sat near them. i didn’t know anything about them or what they liked. But as the weeks went on I figured them out and knew if we were compatible as friends.

I’m the type of person to get along with everyone, but just because i get along with everyone doesn’t mean I’m friends with them all. I am polite and will always say hello, but if I don’t gel with people everything they seem to do gets on my nerves and annoys me. So overtime friends have come and gone, and very few have stayed constant. People grow up and change and what you thought back then is different to now. The more you see of the world and the more people you meet, the more your views change and you find yourself and how you wish to be seen in this world.

My experience of going to Public and Private schools, living in a rural area and now in the city, living in America and Australia, meeting people from all different walks of life has drastically changed me. What I thought in 2012 and what I think now, is different and is based off of what I have been through, who I’ve met, their experiences and just understanding more about the world and the communities I’m involved in.

I do love getting to know people and about their lives, but I also like sticking with people who are the same as me, In the sense that I don’t want to be walking around on my tippy toes to try and not hurt them or make them feel weird! What a horrible way for a friendship to be.

Then we move onto the friends  who you’re friends with, but don’t really talk to or have anything to do with. I have friends here from last year, but we haven’t spoken or hung out for months!!! So how do you just pick up from where you left off with them? Can You? I know i’d feel weird about it. It’s a hard thing to determine whether or not you can just go back into the swing of things after so long.  There are so many unspoken rules about these things, and it’s hard to draw a line between whats acceptable and whats not.


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