I’m in my third year of studying Criminal Justice. It’s meant to be my last year, but due to failing a unit last year, I wont finish until mid 2018. although this is very annoying, I can’t blame anyone apart from myself. I took on too much work, and because of that, my study and exam score felt the pressure and i didn’t get over the line. The only good thing about having to repeat this subject is that I will now know what we will be talking about, and how to adequately prepare for it, as well as seek help for the parts that I know i didn’t do well on.

I have about 10 contact hours this semester, so that means i’m only at uni Monday (10am-9pm) and Friday (9am-11am). This makes it easier me for me to work more, and to do other things throughout the day, especially study!! This semester my subjects are Gender in Public Life, Space, Knowledge and Power, Inquiring into the Social Sphere, and Introduction into Public Law. 

Referring back to friends and getting to know people from Living in Student Accommodation, University is a whole different playing field to living on campus however, people are not as willing to get to know you if they don’t have to.

Cliques are more predominant and to go up to someone and say hello is a bit of a taboo, even in our time and age. Your year at University can be determined heavily on your first week or two. Who you sit next to, or gel with the most in these times are the ones who you will gravitate towards in lectures, for group projects and help with all assignments and queries. I’ve been lucky in the way that I had all my classes with a couple of the same people in my previous years of Uni, so we know that if we are in a class together, we will sit next to each other, as we already know a bit about each other and how we learn.

Teachers try to do the get to know you games in the first week,  which are great, but at the same time, puts people in a weird place if they don’t want to share things about themselves. I know I always go to the same 3 things about myself in those questions.


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