The Start of Eating Healthy

Eating healthy can seem like hard work, especially if you’re on the run a lot, or don’t have time to properly eat between work etc.., but when you put your mind to it, it can really be something that is apart of everyday life. Whether it be main meals of the day, or snacks throughout, eating healthy is something that is doable and can be slowly brought into your lifestyle.

For me, I went into healthy eating head first. I cut out all Chocolate and Lollies, Cream biscuits, Cake, Soft Drink, extra sugar in drinks, a lot of milkshakes/iced chocolates etc. I slowly changed my portion size of meals and ate less for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Instead of going back for seconds i would put a little extra on my plate for my first meal. Along with portion sizes, when i was hungry throughout the day, i would have some fruit or crackers, or just drink a glass of water, and the hunger would subside for a while. Most of my drinks throughout the day were water. I had cut back from 8-10 cups of tea a day to 3-4, to lower my dairy intake.

I ate more fruit, had a sustainable breakfast each day, and healthy snacks during school and then didn’t eat until dinner. I also made sure I ate dinner earlier, so about 5-6pm, so that went i went to bed, my food wasn’t just sitting in my stomach. I found it made a difference to me, but i’m not sure whether or not it would work for others.

Although i did this, I did occasionally have a treat, because to deprive yourself completely of those sugary treats wouldn’t sit well with your body (at least thats what i told myself). You still need to have some of it, just not a huge amount. This treat would be a couple squares of chocolate, or a small chocolate bar, a biscuit or two with my cup of tea etc.

After a while, I did notice a difference, not just with my lifestyle but with my happiness also. I felt happier without all the sugar in my body, and felt as though I would be able to exercise more than what i originally had been doing. Losing some weight from this change in eating, made me want to tone my body better, and make a difference.

Since then, i’ve loved exercising. Whether it be going for a walk a couple of times a day, to going to gym and doing some cardio activities or weights. It makes me feel better about myself, and about my body.


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