Living in Student Accommodation

It’s started well, I can give it that so far.  My roommate on campus is a girl who I knew from last year, so it makes it a lot easier to move back in, and get into the swing of things. Now its up to me to meet others and make a group of friends who i’ll be able to see and hangout with for the rest of the year. I think if I spend all my time with my roommate and her friends then i’ll become more of a pest than not, and thats not what I want at all.  How the hell do people just go up to others and introduce themselves , and get talking and instantly become best friends?! I wish it was that easy. I’ve always been told by parents and family that i’m an outgoing and confident person, but really i just fake it. Meeting new people and putting myself out there scares the crap out of me, and im surprised that i even do it sometimes. To be so vulnerable to people you don’t know, its hard. It may seem like you have nothing to be worried about, but first impressions count and matter a lot to most people. I myself, remember people from the first time i meet them. Although first impressions are only an impression of a person, it can determine for some people whether that means they want to get to know them more or not. 

But when you’re faced with either being outgoing and pushing yourself meet new people, or to sit in your room as a recluse, its an easy option.

Apart from that side of living on campus, Its quite fun really. Being with so many people and having some activities around are good to meet new people. Every Sunday is a BBQ dinner, and throughout the week there are 2/3 other activities to get involved in to meet new people and have fun with the people you live with.

I chose to come back to live here, as it is so close to university (literally across the road), Melbourne (10min by train) and so many other amenities (Highpoint, Flemington, Maribyrnong River etc.), as well as being close to Melbourne for my work.  And, it saves me a 4hr round trip every time i have uni.


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