This post is a bit different to the ones I have done before, this post is about cooking! I love and always have looked cooking and food, so I thought I’d try out some new recipes every now and again and let you all know what I think of them.


This Guy

It’s crazy how people can make you feel a certain way.

‘Follow your dreams and as a side note when your not even thinking about it, or noticing it, they’ll just be there’- Emma Watson.

Finding Myself

Finding who you are in the world or even in yourself can be a hard and complicated thing. We change depending on who we are talking to or the situation that we are in, and this is because we never know who we are. Until we do, we change to try and see what version of ourself people like better.

Jolly Miller Cafe

The Jolly Miller Cafe is a Melbourne based cafe chain that services 10 locations with more to come in the future. The food is delicious, and the coffee will keep you coming back for days on end. The cakes are made fresh in Melbourne and taste homemade and more-ish.


There are so many unspoken rules about these things, and it’s hard to draw a line between whats acceptable and whats not. Is it really that easy to integrate back to a group of people who you haven’t spoken to in a couple of months? Or should you start a fresh with new people?

Travel Bug- Japan

I love travelling, and where better to go than Japan. It’s history and vibrancy and two contrasting parts of a beautiful place in which i have always wanted to explore and understand better.
I haven’t gone yet, but have my trip planned so I just need to book tickets and we’re off!